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Last month, Girmay stood up in front of a packed room at the 37th District Democrats endorsement meeting and shared his vision for King County’s future. Dozens of first-time attendees and newly engaged community members came out to the meeting, sending a message that a new generation and new segments of Seattle’s population are eager to make their voices heard.

We were honored to secure the sole endorsement of the 37th District Democrats in a 108-45 vote. Every local District Democrats group that has completed their endorsement process so far has backed our campaign, and we are grateful for this incredible showing of support.

Here is a full list of all the organizations that have backed our campaign for King County Council, District 2:

The Issues

We can choose our future.

Affordable Housing

Building affordable and supportive housing must be a top priority for the King County Council. The housing and homelessness crises are a regional issue requiring a focused and aggressive response from our county government. We need a central authority that has buy-in from all local governments and aggressively pursues a housing first approach to the biggest challenges of this era.

Criminal Justice Reform

Our justice system must be restorative and fair for people of all races and income levels. We believe in eliminating youth detention and investing heavily in diversion programs and community based organizations that have better results for youth, victims, and the community.


To fundamentally change our political system, we need to get money out, and get people in. That's why we don't accept a dime from corporate PACs and corporations and are proposing many ideas for becoming a more inclusive county government.


All transportation decisions should be viewed through a social justice and equity lens. In an era of mass displacement, we must ensure more than ever that communities like Skyway and Renton have reliable access to public transit.

Environmental Justice

Environmental justice demands maintaining safe and healthy living standards for all. Reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability are top priorities, but we also must ensure neighborhoods in South Seattle and South King County receive the attention and resources needed to promote environmental and public health.


King County must support workers and promote pro-worker, pro-union policies. All business decisions of the county must include the interests of our local labor unions.